WordPress 101: Getting Started with Customizing Themes

I love WordPress themes. I love how beautiful they are, how easy it is to try out new things–oh, I am such a fangirl.  While I find working with themes pretty intuitive, as I watch my students (yes, I have them, in real life),  I can see that themes can be a bit perplexing and… Read More

Do You Really Need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, we are told, is the “must have” stats package for blogging.  It’s free for individuals and small business, but you cannot use on a WordPress.com site without upgrading to the Business plan, currently a cool  $28 per month–more than three times the cost of the WordPress.com premium account.  When I get sufficient traffic… Read More

How to Deal with Categories and Tags when Things have Gone Agley

Photo by rosamaríabelmonte on Best Running / CC BY-NC-SA “Agley”:  Scottish for “Awry” or off-track, wrong.  In my previous post, I talked about how you should only have a FEW categories.  If you’ve done what many of us do, you may have gone a bit hog-wild creating Categories. (Some people go hog-wild in creating a… Read More