Where am I Going? (Female Founders Over 40)

Today, as I was going through the WordPress Reader, I stumbled on a post from a travel/lifestyle blogger that asked the question:  would you rather live abroad all the time and come home (to your home country) each year for a two-week vacation or in your home country with a two week vacation abroad each… Read More

Writing a Blog in a Time of Change

Writing a blog about starting a blog– in 2018–ten years behind the curve!–seems ridiculous.  Come on, the competition out there has a serious head start–and some of those sites are gorgeous.  Have you ever been discouraged with your blog, thinking all the “best ideas” are taken? Don’t be.   Dancing in the Hurricane Probably the best time… Read More

Blogging as Online Drag

This post is in response to the daily prompt from the Daily Press.  Today’s word is “costume.”  We’re encouraged by many to be “authentic” in building our blogging identities–post real photos,  talk candidly about our real lives, and so forth. Personally, I like to think of blogging as online drag.   No, I’m not a drag… Read More

Writing Prompts: Stifle

WordPress has this amazing blog, TheDailyPost, which provides a daily word as a writing prompt–a great opportunity for new writers. Today’s word is “stifle.”  Feeling suppression, that choking sense of either doing it to ourselves or having others suppress US is one of the ingredients in many a decision to become a blogger.  Being able… Read More

This Blogging Life: Getting Into Blogging

Can blogging pay the bills reliably?  Or is it more like acting as a career,  years of hard work, honing our craft and hoping for that lucky break?  Will thousands, even hundreds of thousands of us, never get our lucky break?  Here I review the book that got me from “blogging as a hobby” to “blogging as a business.” 🙂 Read More

That Old Saw: Can I Make a Living Blogging?

Blogging as a passive income stream, as a full-scale business we can rely on, or as side-gig?   We’re told there’s lots of way to make money in blogging.  Are there? In The Olden Times The original blogs (back in the Olden Times) were mostly personal, though some had aspirations to be more than just online… Read More

A Short History of the Strange Love Affair between Blogs and Twitter

I’m not saying every successful blog out there has a Twitter account, supporting their content.  I am saying that community engagement matters.  Twitter is one of the best ways to get that engagement. It’s also a great way to get the kind of personal support, friendly help, and knowledge about blogs.  In this post, I’m… Read More

Three Things I Learned from a Failed Blog

The image above is from the book by Jeff Patton’s book,  User Story Mapping.  It’s about the concept of Minimum Viable Product.  The video in the link at the bottom discusses the MVP concept in detail, using this illustration.  I’ll cover the book next week.  Bloggers are a special subset of people looking for impractical advice.  … Read More