The Tragedy of the Blogging Commons

Thinking of buying a course or an e-book promising MASSIVE TRAFFIC!!!?   SEO algorithms change frequently.  Here are things to consider before we jump off into the land of dubious SEO tactics. I am beginning to doubt that Pinterest is an especially good referrer to anyone’s blogs, despite all the hoopla. Perhaps if you’re targeting recipes,… Read More

Pinteresting Analytics and the Tailwind “Bump”

In doing research on group boards and rich pins,  I came across this interesting article on how to FIND group boards that involved using Pinterest analytics.  With my lame little boards, I hadn’t really paid any attention to Pinterest Analytics.  So in the interest of science, I went to take a look.  Here’s an explanation… Read More

Tailwind: Day 1 -What Fresh Hell is This?

Last night’s post about discovering Tailwind  was dampened slightly by the early morning’s study of the Tailwind reality.   At 11pm, the idea of getting like-minded people together to encourage repinning in a community setting seemed fun!  Filled with promise!  In the cold light of morning, there are still many questions. Quantity Versus Quality? I was… Read More

On Pins and Tribes! And Tailwind!

I have been trying to wrap my head around Pinterest for two solid months. Rich pins, pin this, pin that, group boards, Tailwind, blah-blah, Tailwind — over and over again. SO MUCH RESEARCH and so little to show for it. Then, I broke down and hopped on a free trial of Tailwind. O.M.G.  This is possibly… Read More