Creating a Hidden Image for Pinterest

One of the most important features in getting pins, besides rich pins, in a “vertical Pinterest image.”   Many bloggers are stuffing a big, long image at the bottom of their posts so that they’ll have such an image, readily available. It looks —kind of ugly, at best.  Here’s how to insert that vertical pin into… Read More

Rich Pins for Blogs: Getting Started

Pinterest rich pins are said to be another secret to getting the Pinterest love so many people are raving about.  They make the process sound so simple.  Well, actually, it is.  We have to have a Business Plan and the Yoast SEO plug-in.  (See important update below, though.) Oh, you’ll need a pinterest account and an… Read More

Research Roundup: On Pinterest Group Boards

.Making the most out of Pinterest is a puzzle. Tailwind is interesting but there are other methods of approaching the platform that deserve consideration.  This is the first of a continuing feature of “Research Roundup posts.”  I’ll take some cool blog post I’ve found and give you a short summary of it and with a… Read More

Pinterest-ing Research: The Lost Days

Small bloggers need to get to know their communities on every platform where they play.   This is why some of the best advice is to start with only two or three platforms (certainly no more than that) when beginning that search for an audience.  Twitter, well, I know that territory very well.  Blogging platforms?  I… Read More

Pinterests and Blogging? How does that even work?

One of the most surprising revelations in my study of other people’s blogs is that Pinterest apparently matters in driving traffic to blogs.   Several bloggers I’ve read who talk about traffic and referrals cite Pinterest as an important referrers.  This would seen logical for DIY bloggers, hair and fashion, photography and food blogs–things that have… Read More