Letting the Audience Meander Through Content: Adding a Tag Cloud Widget

WordPress widgets are pretty neat little capabilities to adding extra content, navigation, and other features to your blog–easily, without the need for plug-ins or extra code. In this little walk-through,  we’ll add a “tag cloud” to our primary sidebar–a simple maneuver that takes maybe five minutes–to help our audience meander through our content at their… Read More

Creating Menus: The Differences Between Pages and Posts

In my quest to develop a start page menu for this blog, I have been struggling with the differences in “site” pages and posts — and with the issue of widgets.  This posts discusses the differences and what this means for creating a menu system for a standard blog theme. A Page is Not A… Read More

Organizing Using Subcategories

Here is the hairy beast–applying our new structure to the actual blog, wrangling with WordPress’s categories and sub-categories.  Restructuring categories can be tedious but rewarding work.  Here are some tips and tricks. The Horrible, Tedious Job of Reconfiguring Categories and Why It’s a Good Idea OMG.  I started with fifteen unruly top level categories.  Now… Read More

Re-Designing Blog Structure with Airtable

SEO experts tell us that good structure is the key to better SEO scores.  Many bloggers have difficulty with creating the CONTENT that’s creative and evolving with our audiences–and maintaining a consistent structure. Categories and tags may not be enough.  Here I show how I used AirTable to redevelop my blog with better structure, using… Read More

Getting Started with Airtable

Today, I’m going to give you a bit of a walk-through on using Airtable, a free online database–and show i’m using it to re-organize my existing blog.  First, we’ll look at how to transfer data from Google Sheets to the Airtable–and how to set up an Airtable database for the very first time.   Airtable is… Read More

Getting the Facts about Your Blog

Committed bloggers need data.  In this post, I’ll show you how to grab all your blog post data and put it into a Google Sheet or Airtable database to improve our knowledge about audience engagement. This will also help to reorganize for better structure. Getting Ready for a Start Here Page I’ve been searching for… Read More

Creating a Custom “Quote” Post Format with CSS

Does your theme provide for different types of post formats?  Many do–but often while the formats are supported, the theme may not provide any special “mark up” or “styling” for them.   Here’s how we can use a little custom CSS (cascading style sheet) code to create a cool “quote” post format. Note: support of custom cascading style sheets… Read More

Can Better Tagging Build Audiences?

My tagging strategy needs a tune-up!  Does yours?  Here’s a roundup of tips and information about using tags in blogs to build traffic and find the right audiences. In my future “restart” of my blog (the Daily Prompt word of the day!),  I’ll be creating a new design that makes much better use of tags… Read More

Redesigning a Blog: Some thoughts

Redesigning an existing blog is a torment. Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese character for crisis is NOT the sign for “danger” and “opportunity” somehow placed together. The Chinese actually means a time of change, a dangerous moment. So to does blog re-design constitute a dangerous moment in the future of the blog.   Here are… Read More

Imagination and Niche Building

Developing a blog requires imagination about a topic;  creating a strategy to build a business out of a blog requires imagination plus: research, community engagement, developing, testing and tuning the original idea — and on and on.  Blogging as a business requires us to “build” our niche and like a house, or a boat, it… Read More