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This blog is an online magazine for bloggers — for advanced beginners who are a bit beyond “what is a blog” and the baby steps of setting up blog posts in a free WordPress account: people who need more technical help but are never going to become full-on web developers anytime soon.   It has a lot of  “how-to’s” and walk throughs of WordPress and related technologies about blog design.  This blog also offers feature articles about blogging,  career change, and creating one’s own business.

This blog is called “Impractical Advice” because to most women, starting a business–a technology based business!–at the age of forty or better seems terribly “impractical.” So the advice I give to future female founders, especially over forty, is advice that’s needed by many–and can be hard to find. 

So, Welcome.

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If you’re a blogger, looking to learn a bit about HTML, widgets, short-codes, menus and themes,  we have section in this online magazine / blog on Blog Design.

If you’re an aspiring blogger who wants to figure out how to incorporate blogging into a business model, well, I’m trying to figure that out too!    At the present time, I’m learning and teaching about SEO, SERP and marketing.  I’m no expert but I am a pretty good researcher—and I’ll share that knowledge with you–in the section called Blogging As A Business. 

If you’re a woman who has been forced by social and economic forces to start over after forty, I feel your pain.  This happened to me ten years ago.  Today,  I mentor a number of friends and colleagues (women and men, too) caught in this dilemma.  I write a special series of posts addressed particularly to future Female Founders Over Forty about blogging as a side-gig– a micro-business that could eventually lead to a way ahead for us in our evolving careers.

For more general op-ed pieces on blogging culture check out  the posts under This Blogging Life.  

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Many of these are around 1000 words–and to my surprise, they’ve been the most read, liked and commented on.

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