Pinterests and Blogging? How does that even work?

One of the most surprising revelations in my study of other people’s blogs is that Pinterest apparently matters in driving traffic to blogs.   Several bloggers I’ve read who talk about traffic and referrals cite Pinterest as an important referrers.  This would seen logical for DIY bloggers, hair and fashion, photography and food blogs–things that have… Read More

Do You Really Need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, we are told, is the “must have” stats package for blogging.  It’s free for individuals and small business, but you cannot use on a site without upgrading to the Business plan, currently a cool  $28 per month–more than three times the cost of the premium account.  When I get sufficient traffic… Read More

Thoughts on the Hosting Question for New Bloggers

If you want to make money, you have to have a hosted site, they tell us, as they make money, selling us hosting plans.  At least someone is making money here (but probably not me and you).  If you’re just starting out in blogging, the first choice you have to make is “free” or “paid.” … Read More

How to Deal with Categories and Tags when Things have Gone Agley

Photo by rosamaríabelmonte on Best Running / CC BY-NC-SA “Agley”:  Scottish for “Awry” or off-track, wrong.  In my previous post, I talked about how you should only have a FEW categories.  If you’ve done what many of us do, you may have gone a bit hog-wild creating Categories. (Some people go hog-wild in creating a… Read More

That Old Saw: Can I Make a Living Blogging?

The original blogs (back in the Olden Times) were mostly personal, though some had aspirations to be more than just online journals.  There were art project blogs that experimented with digital art, writer’s blogs where new, undiscovered writers hoped to find their voices–and their audiences, and recipe blogs for those aspiring to write cookbooks one… Read More

Why You Need a Twitter Account for Your Blog

I have a personal Twitter account.  Can’t I just use that for my brand?   The short answer is sure, however . . . a Twitter account for your brand is highly recommended because it helps you connect to your readers–and your readers connect to YOUR BRAND. Lola’s Wise Guide for Twitter I created the @impracticaladvi… Read More