How to Deal with Categories and Tags when Things have Gone Agley

Photo by rosamaríabelmonte on Best Running / CC BY-NC-SA “Agley”:  Scottish for “Awry” or off-track, wrong.  In my previous post, I talked about how you should only have a FEW categories.  If you’ve done what many of us do, you may have gone a bit hog-wild creating Categories. (Some people go hog-wild in creating a… Read More

That Old Saw: Can I Make a Living Blogging?

Blogging as a passive income stream, as a full-scale business we can rely on, or as side-gig?   We’re told there’s lots of way to make money in blogging.  Are there? In The Olden Times The original blogs (back in the Olden Times) were mostly personal, though some had aspirations to be more than just online… Read More

Why You Need a Twitter Account for Your Blog

I have a personal Twitter account.  Can’t I just use that for my brand?   The short answer is sure, however . . . a Twitter account for your brand is highly recommended because it helps you connect to your readers–and your readers connect to YOUR BRAND. Lola’s Wise Guide for Twitter I created the @impracticaladvi… Read More

A Short History of the Strange Love Affair between Blogs and Twitter

I’m not saying every successful blog out there has a Twitter account, supporting their content.  I am saying that community engagement matters.  Twitter is one of the best ways to get that engagement. It’s also a great way to get the kind of personal support, friendly help, and knowledge about blogs.  In this post, I’m… Read More

That Stuff Don’t Work for Me: Advice for Female Founders Over Forty

The problem with self-help books is that what works for some people isn’t necessarily going to work for me or for you. As my friend, Aunt Chan, says, “That shit don’t work for me.” Two years ago, I read a book that really inspired me at the time, though I found much of it — just… Read More

Pivot or Persevere?

While working on my earlier blogs, especially the failed one,  —um, okay, so they were all failures.  The one thing one gets from things that don’t go as planned is experience.  Cue the ‘wah-wah’ music. Yes, I have tons of experience. 🙂  In creating this blog, I “pivoted” the earlier, failed blog, adjusting my objectives and… Read More