Blogging as Online Drag

This post is in response to the daily prompt from the Daily Press.  Today’s word is “costume.”  We’re encouraged by many to be “authentic” in building our blogging identities–post real photos,  talk candidly about our real lives, and so forth. Personally, I like to think of blogging as online drag.   No, I’m not a drag… Read More

Understanding Twitter Analytics in Three Easy Steps Because Four Steps would be Awkward.

Have you ever stumbled upon the statistics for your Twitter site and wondered, what the heck is all this supposed to mean? Impressions?  Engagements?  Here’s the skinny on getting a beginning understanding of Twitter analytics. If you’re on Twitter, you can’t escape the constant pressure to PROMOTE your tweets.  Before I start spending money, though,… Read More

Six Ways of Getting MORE Retweets!!! (No, not really. On bad advice, bots and Twitter)

LOL.  The crazy advice that you get on tweeting sometimes is flawed. Don’t believe everything you read out there, kittens.   I’ve pointed out before that you need to be aware of botnets.  Botnets work because your Twitter feed is run by merry elves–or perhaps space aliens is a better analogy– known as “algorithms.”  These elves or… Read More

Attack of the Twitter Bots!

Recently one of the people I follow tweeted out a HELP! on Twitter.  She’s suddenly gotten THIRTY followers!  She’s a blogger with a healthy number of real (“organic”) followers (over 800) but suddenly her “phone was going off!” with these thirty new people who all jumped on her Twitter account, following all at one time?… Read More

Why You Need a Twitter Account for Your Blog

I have a personal Twitter account.  Can’t I just use that for my brand?   The short answer is sure, however . . . a Twitter account for your brand is highly recommended because it helps you connect to your readers–and your readers connect to YOUR BRAND. Lola’s Wise Guide for Twitter I created the @impracticaladvi… Read More

A Short History of the Strange Love Affair between Blogs and Twitter

I’m not saying every successful blog out there has a Twitter account, supporting their content.  I am saying that community engagement matters.  Twitter is one of the best ways to get that engagement. It’s also a great way to get the kind of personal support, friendly help, and knowledge about blogs.  In this post, I’m… Read More