Using the “Black” WP Admin Editor

There are two different dashboards (and editors) available in WordPress:  the default “blue” one and the advanced “black” one. If you’ve been using the blue for awhile, switching to the black one has a bit of a learning curve.  When you move up to the Business plan, you may find you need to use the… Read More

Setting up an Affiliate Program: A Walk Through the Amazon (UI). Updated!

Small bloggers like me are always fascinated by the prospect of setting up an affiliate program. It appears to be “easy money.” Here I walk you through the Amazon process–and give you a little heads up on what to expect from my research on this thus far. Read More

The Google Analytics Bounce: Why Masking Your IP address is Important

Many guides discuss goal-setting as their first topic–but far more important than that is masking your own IP address from Google Analytics.   As I frequently do, I’m going to offer up my own mistakes for your entertainment and education. 🙂  Read More

WordPress 101: Getting Started with Customizing Themes

I love WordPress themes. I love how beautiful they are, how easy it is to try out new things–oh, I am such a fangirl.  While I find working with themes pretty intuitive, as I watch my students (yes, I have them, in real life),  I can see that themes can be a bit perplexing and… Read More