The Google Analytics Bounce: Why Masking Your IP address is Important

Many guides discuss goal-setting as their first topic–but far more important than that is masking your own IP address from Google Analytics.   As I frequently do, I’m going to offer up my own mistakes for your entertainment and education. 🙂  Read More

Pinterest-ing Research: The Lost Days

Small bloggers need to get to know their communities on every platform where they play.   This is why some of the best advice is to start with only two or three platforms (certainly no more than that) when beginning that search for an audience.  Twitter, well, I know that territory very well.  Blogging platforms?  I… Read More

Moz Keyword Explorer 2: Unpacking the Keyword Suggestions List (Blogging for Beginners!)

Here’s the second in the series of “walk-throughs” of the free Moz Keyword Planner! We’ll be unpacking the Keyword Suggestions page to better understand how to choose. Read More

Moz Keyword Explorer: A Look at How to do SEO Keyword Planning for Free (Or, Um, Blogging for Beginners!!)

No, I don’t work for or get paid by them or ANYTHING. I’m a small blogger with a new blog. I don’t have a budget for the fanciness. Though I’ve been blogging for literally decades, I still don’t have the knowledge and experience to be an informed consumer of SEO products. I do know… Read More