Becoming Conversant in Google Analytics: Timing Posts

Are Google Analytics necessary for beginning bloggers?   Here’s one of the cool aspects of Google Analytics: its capability to show us activity on our blogs by time of day.   This helps in figuring out what to post, when! Visualizing User Data One of the biggest problems is making sense of the visualization of the data. … Read More

Pinteresting Analytics and the Tailwind “Bump”

In doing research on group boards and rich pins,  I came across this interesting article on how to FIND group boards that involved using Pinterest analytics.  With my lame little boards, I hadn’t really paid any attention to Pinterest Analytics.  So in the interest of science, I went to take a look.  Here’s an explanation… Read More

Fun With Stats! A conversation with a Happiness Engineer and Why You have More Views than You Think

I am trained in computer science (albeit from oh, thirty freaking years ago) as well as in anthropology. I love data. I mean, LOVE it. As a student of human nature and a long-time participant-observer in online communities, the statistical pictures of how many people read my blog is more than just driven by ego,… Read More

The Google Analytics Bounce: Why Masking Your IP address is Important

Many guides discuss goal-setting as their first topic–but far more important than that is masking your own IP address from Google Analytics.   As I frequently do, I’m going to offer up my own mistakes for your entertainment and education. 🙂  Read More

Do You Really Need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, we are told, is the “must have” stats package for blogging.  It’s free for individuals and small business, but you cannot use on a site without upgrading to the Business plan, currently a cool  $28 per month–more than three times the cost of the premium account.  When I get sufficient traffic… Read More