Creating a Custom “Quote” Post Format with CSS

Does your theme provide for different types of post formats?  Many do–but often while the formats are supported, the theme may not provide any special “mark up” or “styling” for them.   Here’s how we can use a little custom CSS (cascading style sheet) code to create a cool “quote” post format. Note: support of custom cascading style sheets… Read More

Creating a Hidden Image for Pinterest

One of the most important features in getting pins, besides rich pins, in a “vertical Pinterest image.”   Many bloggers are stuffing a big, long image at the bottom of their posts so that they’ll have such an image, readily available. It looks —kind of ugly, at best.  Here’s how to insert that vertical pin into… Read More

Fun with WordPress Shortcodes

Have you ever heard of shortcodes? WordPress supports many of these shortcut codey-things that work sort of like HTML. Mostly they’re used in WordPress templates but there are some that anyone can use! Yes, some of them even in your free blog. What are Shortcodes? These are snippets of code that are specific to… Read More

Using the “Black” WP Admin Editor

There are two different dashboards (and editors) available in WordPress:  the default “blue” one and the advanced “black” one. If you’ve been using the blue for awhile, switching to the black one has a bit of a learning curve.  When you move up to the Business plan, you may find you need to use the… Read More