Gutenberg Woes and Wows

The new editor is coming to everyone now and I’m hearing the complaints in other blogs.  In this post, we’ll look at why Gutenberg’s reviews are WOW and it’s ratings are ugh. Gutenberg has been getting poor ratings and I’m pretty sure I know why.   The reviews of Gutenberg are being written by early adopters.… Read More

Gutenberg AND the Classic Editor in WordPress: Changing Older Posts to Gutenberg Blocks

If you’ve fallen in love with Gutenberg, you may want to work on changing your old “classic” posts to the new “block” style. I know you are probably cringing at the idea of this. I know this may even be the one main issue stopping you from even trying Gutenberg.  I thought I was going to have… Read More

Lists, Custom HTML and Reusable blocks in the Gutenberg editor

Readers love lists.  In this post, we’ll cover how to create three different kinds of lists using the Gutenberg Editor: bullet lists (also known as “unordered lists;” numbered lists (also called “ordered lists”)  and “nested lists” —when you want a mix of numbers and bullets.  This requires custom HTML –which is often a pain to… Read More

First Steps in Gutenberg Blocks: Headings and Colors

Just getting started in the Gutenberg block editor for WordPress?  In this post,  I’ll cover headings and colors.  It’s all super simple.   I’ll show you in this easy walk-through. Using the Heading Block When you start typing, Gutenberg assumes you’re creating a paragaph block.  Click anywhere on that block and you’ll get a pop-up that… Read More

Gutenberg! The new Block Editor from WordPress

This is a really cool editor. It reminds me a bit of Divi, without tears and drama. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and oh-so-very-fancy. This editor changes everything.   Gutenberg breaks new ground for easy blog design. It’s not perfect.   I mean, what is?  For me, it’s just so SURPRISING. So much of what I’ve been… Read More