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This blog is for new bloggers and small bloggers, especially those working on the WordPress.com site. I’m Lola Mitchell, and I’ve been teaching technology since I was hot young geek in my twenties and that was more than two decades ago. Last year, after more than a decade of blogging, I made the leap to the WordPress.org, self-hosted site and — it did not go all that well. So in 2018, I returned to the WordPress.com platform, with an enormous amount of experience to share. I’m exploring the Business Plan option,  but I’ll be providing advice and help useful for freebie, personal and premium plans, too.

The World of Blogging Got Complicated –and Expensive

There are so many tools –and so many people trying to sell us tools, and hosting plans, and this plug-in and that service–argh!  Where are the cheap and easy solutions?  At least where can we get information that isn’t biased by all these attempts to sell us stuff we don’t need, don’t want, and cannot get a handle on without tons of time and money.

This blog will have walk-throughs, information, and examples that will help readers save a ton of time, money, and aggravation. It has a business-oriented tilt because there are so many small bloggers who are trying to sell goods and services–from online businesses, home businesses, and small brick and mortar establishments trying to learn social media marketing.

Not everyone has the time or the tech skills to run an WordPress.org site, the self-hosted site that is promoted, everywhere as the “must-have” for business. Last year, (in 2017), WordPress.com introduced the business plan option, to create an easier on-ramp from blogging to business. I did not take them up on it at the time. I found the self-hosted site to be expensive, confusing, and too time-consuming for a side-business.

Taking it Slow, Concentrating on Quality and Value

My late father ran a TV repair shop back in the day.  I know what it’s like to be a small, local business.  Being local is a challenge. Small businesses don’t have the time, the tech skills or the money to hire out tech heads. And even if they do, business owners need to be informed consumers. But where would my dad get the knowledge to move from traditional small business to the new world where social media and Internet presence matter?

I’m writing for people like my dad who would not have known where to begin in marketing on social media. I’m writing this for for my hairstylist niece who is blogging about travel, lifestyle, makeup—and for my former, current and future students, who are struggling to build their own companies online.

I may be new to some of this new technology, but I’m definitely not new to teaching or to teaching online.

Follow along while I develop this TINY blog into a “side-hustle” — and maybe one day, into a real business.  I hope to make the journey enjoyable, useful, and worthwhile.

Best wishes ~Lola

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