Pick a Direction and Swim

It’s nearly been a year since I started Impractical Advice and for the last six months,  I’ve tried and failed at getting back to it.  Is it dead? No! I’ve been looking for and finding my “north.”  Like many would-be entrepreneurs, I have had my fails.  As a blog for quick-tips on blogging that you won’t find anywhere else, this effort has been quite successful. I still get views, almost always on the blogging tips.  But there’s a limit on what I could do without taking more classes and investing lots more time–and with my day job, I didn’t have that kind of time.  Here’s what I up to now.

The Light Dawns

At last, the light dawned that making money on this endeavor would require more investment in money and time than I could give.   I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is my hobby, and I love my hobby.  It may be a business one day, but that day isn’t now. So. What to do with this somewhat expensive pastime?

Taking time off to reassess your blog or video channel or podcast can be the kiss of death — or not.  Youtube channel content creators often have difficulty keeping up the momentum — and keeping it fresh.  They change directions, they lose audiences, they gain different audiences.  Sometimes their audiences just grow up.  Sometimes the creator doesn’t keep up.   In my study of the really successful blogs, every single one of them seemed to have started doing something else before they gradually found something that was successful, personally, and could bring in some kind of side income.

I started this blog to deal with my depression over the elections.  I needed distraction, I needed a creative outlet– I needed to talk, but gads,  not about politics.  Talking about starting a business seemed so much more fun and uplifting.  I wanted to improve my writing and I wanted to better understand the blogosphere.  I found that I don’t just like blogging, I freaking love blogging.  But I had reached the end of my interest in blog design, at least for the moment, and I wasn’t going to be able to pursue (at this point in my work-life balance) research in women and entrepreneurship.  Because I was getting sick. 

Cancer treatment had resulted in a mild diabetic condition, which has gotten worse in the past six months.  I was also traveling alot, the kind of world travel people dream about, and got very far away from from the low carbohydrate, high fat way of eating,  a way of eating that was protecting my health. I’ve been concentrating on my health, trying to combine it somehow with this blog — and it’s a bad, bad fit.   Most people come here for blogging advice. SOME people come for the womenly chats of Female Founders Over Forty.  Nobody wants an even MORE eclectic blog — and  the focus is totally off.

The time has come to pick a direction and swim.

I’ve started another site, this time on the personal hobby plan, rather than the business plan. I may choose to keep this site business; I plan to write more here, on the evolution of my hobby-business-blog site, SecondHelpings.Blog.   Gads, you all reading this probably don’t want to hear about low carb dieting!  But that’s what I need to write about now.  It ticks the boxes for me on so many levels.  But I’m not going to stop writing about women and entrepreneurship — and I’m also likely to keep up the blogging tips.  Two blogs.  That’s sufficient.

I’ve always wanted to have a Food Blog.

Even though I’m just a home cook, and my kitchen is a disaster, I’ve had the secret ambition to be a domestic goddess, and/or Food Network Star– and to learn to cook exquisite food.  I have wanted to be a food blogger for years.  I’ve had several blogs in that general direction, but my own lack of confidence has made me give them up, often less than ten posts in.   Technology?  That’s something I know pretty well.  So that’s where I started.  But that’s not where I am ending, just taking a side route.  Exploring.

And I need to have a talk with myself (and others) about self care.

I’ve tried to do that here but it doesn’t seem like quite the right place for that.  Oh,  I plan to continue posting here, more than likely.   But more of my energies are going to go there.

And I want an excuse to spend more time in the kitchen and writing about it.

The pundits all say write about what you know, write about what you’re passionate about.  I know about technology; I’m passionate about social justice;  but these aspects are not what I need right now. I need to pick a new blogging direction and go forward.

But I’ll be around for more Impractical Advice.

Best wishes and happy holidays,   ~Lola




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Recovering academic, real-life, honest to cornflakes anthropologist (Ph.D. and fieldwork and everything), tech-head and social media researcher.

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