Returning from Hiatus: I Hope

After spending much of 2018, blogging every single day, I had to stop.  The day job is demanding more of me, including a good bit of travel (ooh la la!), some late nights and lots of early mornings.  This has given me some time to think about Impractical Advice  and what I want to write about going forward. 

What is Impractical Advice, Really?

Impractical Advice has been in some ways, me giving advice to myself.   Mostly, giving my best advice back to me — and others like me. Sometimes it is my past selves: the forty year old with a baby in one arm, unemployed, needing a new career, the early widow, the cancer survivor,  the fifty-something woman who see the gate crashing down on her career despite the fact that well, it shouldn’t be happening.  Sometimes it’s for my future self, the founder of a company that makes me a good living and helps me to thrive.   With John going into the service, grandmotherhood here with its own challenges and the day job becoming more challenging (at least for now),  I’ve taken the last couple of weeks to take stock.

Do I stay or do I go?

Reconsidering Blogging Goals

Each day I didn’t blog, I thought about it.  Was this the end?  Had I finally given out? Why was I not hammering away at the project with the same energy as before?  What was stopping me?  Boredom?  Busy-ness?  Distraction with so many balls in the air in my real-world life, including my health?  Probably all of the above.  But in the final analysis, did I want to stop?  No!  Change direction? Yeah.  Slow down a bit?  Most definitely. 

I love blogging. Let’s be clear about that. I love writing, and blogging is helping me find my voice. It’s making me better at my day job (which requires increasing amounts of writing).  For the next six months, though, it seems unlikely I’ll be able to keep up the every day pace I’ve set for myself in the last four months.

What I won’t have time for is lots and lots of research on how to make a commercial blog successful.  What I will have time for is writing about growing older, bolder, healthier and generally better.  Because I need that advice.

The Contemplated Shifts

Thus, the parts of the audience here primarily for coding tips is going to be a bit disappointed.  I can’t help that. I’ll probably have something every few weeks on coding, but not at the rate of the previous run.  I’m just too overloaded to continue studying coding at that rate–while writing about it at the same time. I can see from my stats that people continue to come back and hang out for coding tips–and I do like writing and working on them.  But coming up with  two and three blog posts  a week was killing me.  First resolution, there will be a bit less of that,  but  I’ll probably be trying more ambitious things, though, like building my own template.  And yes, I will continue to share what I learn here.  I love teaching.

Writing about the shift from employee to innovator to entrepreneur still speaks to me.  It’s a shift that I want to make somewhere down the road.  Female Founders Over Forty posts will continue.

I have a new category: Moving, Growing, Getting Better

I’m going to start writing a bit more about growing older and staying healthy.    For many women (and many men too!), the struggle to maintain our weight (never mind losing it!) ramps up after forty and becomes a serious fight.  The chemical shifts of “the change” are considerable.  There are lots of upsides to the change or there can be.  Less anxiety,  the end of hormonal mood swings, can be one aspect for some of us.  For others, there is more depression–and the stresses don’t let up at all.   I want to ramble on a bit about diet, exercise, maybe even beauty?  Sex?  Who knows?   Certainly about the coming onslaught that is known as “the empty nest.”    I’m looking at that and going whoa. What a concept!   I can’t even believe this is happening! 

I’m going to want to talk about this and other topics.   Look for my posts to slow down to weekly or bi-weekly (at best).   For now, I’m back in the blogging saddle.  We’ll see where we go from here.

Finally, some more Impractical Advice

I decided to write this post not only to recommit to blogging, but also for all the bloggers out there who find they want to stop, take a break, and re-think.   It is okay to do this.  It’s necessary.  I have had at least fifteen blogs.  Some stopped nearly immediately. Others had good runs but when I got eaten by real life,  they ran aground.  Some were pretty darned horrible. 😀

Blogs should give back to you.  If you’re not getting something back from the blog, it will become a drain, rather than a resource. When you begin to feel that pull, sit back. Take stock.  Re-direct.   Blogs are always evolving. They aren’t magazines or publications.  Go read great blogs like The Pioneer Woman.  Or whatever blog inspires you.  Reconnect with your creative self.   Find your voice, discover your vision.

Glad to be back.  Best, Lola

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Recovering academic, real-life, honest to cornflakes anthropologist (Ph.D. and fieldwork and everything), tech-head and social media researcher.

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