More Headaches Dealing with Yoast SEO

Okay, so where the hell is this alleged 24/7 Premium Support?  Back up.  The problem:  On the last upgrade of Yoast SEO,  somehow my Yoast plug in reverted to being a free plug-in.   It’s taken hours of head-scratching and  it is still not fixed. 

Instead of giving out license or activation keys, Yoast SEO makes you sign up for MyYoast, a website which is pretty much a marketing opportunity for them to sell you courses and what-not, while managing your premium Yoast SEO account. My managing, I mean this is the shopping cart where they take your money. When it comes time for an update, you have to go and download the plug-in from MyYoast.

Yoast SEO is a Known Pain in the Caboose

In a previous post about installing this plug-in, I noted that getting Yoast SEO figured correctly is a huge pain.   The configuration wizard in particular needed a thorough walk-through.  Yoast SEO provides maddening instructions — and offers to do it for you for an added charge.

I sighed and struggled through the configuration process on my own–with the help of a Happiness Engineer from,  I managed.

The Pain This Time Round

Somehow or another,  my last attempt to update the premium Yoast did not work.  I ended up with the Free Version. The Free Version is is okay, but you know, I did pay 89 bucks for the premium a mere month ago.

“Premium” Support is Terribly Limited

Forget the claim of 24/7 support.  It’s email support.  And email is available 24/7, kids –ha-ha very funny.  And the very things that need the most support, they say, Hella-NO, we won’t!

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.25.03 PM.png
Screenshot from Yoast SEO’s premium support page

And yet they JUST SAID they’ll just answer questions. Via email.  Seriously? This is not support.

This is not what I call 24/7 Tech Support

You’re really just limited to the Knowledge Base.

The knowledge base is well arranged–and its available to everyone, no $89 bucks needed.

Another note: My blog is doing very well this month. The month is which I did NOT have access to the premium version of Yoast SEO, only the free version.  I’m increasingly certain the premium is just not worth the cash.

Reinstalling the premium pack was apparently the only way to update it.  But it would not install!  I struggled with it and somehow the free version worked but not the premium version.   So I gave up for a while.  For a whole month.

Then I had another go at it.   I deleted the existing free Yoast SEO plug-in (as I had to do before, when I installed the premium version the first time).  But then it would not reinstall.

I got this error message;

Destination folder already exists. /wpcom-1########/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo-premium/

Rest assured, I will not be updating this package again.  And I will be looking for a better SEO Plug-in.

In the end it was back to the Happiness Engineers.

The final help on this was with the Happiness Engineers, who are even now working on the problem of deleting the offending destination folder.   This folder is giving them attitude and not deleting itself thoroughly–and a Happiness Developer has gotten involved.  I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, searching for some better replacement.   Premium Yoast SEO is thus far looking to be worth the price!  Gah!

Bottom Line:  Yoast SEO is a good tool but not as good as it’s hyped.

Configuration and updates are hellishly hard.  So hard that they make people who have already spent $89 on the Premium product to cough up even more money to have them do it for you.   Configuration instructions are poor and cause confusion–and they’re not going to fix this because DOING a BAD JOB is apparently their business model.

More in this continuing mini-drama soon.   ~ Lola

The Update: Happiness Engineers to the Rescue.

In the end, there were about three emails back and forth with the more senior Happiness Engineers and then the problem was solved. By some unknown magic on the server side that I didn’t have to worry about. THIS is why I am so happy with the Business Plan at   Rather than having to hire someone for my small-blogger needs, or going it on my own as I did before, I can concentrate on things that matter, rather than technical issues.  Even though I am fairly comfortable with technology, having knowledgable, swift service is totally worth the money.

I still like the actual Yoast SEO plug-in. Mostly. In my research for some better alternative to Yoast, so far all I’ve found is All-in-One SEO.  Many amateurs are trying to use BOTH of these plug-ins together as they do slightly different things — Yoast SEO’s readability feature for example, isn’t found in the All-in-One-SEO plug-ins features.   All-in-One-SEO has its fanbase.  I’m on the fence about having TWO SEO plug-ins.  I’ll need to learn more about plug-ins in general and these in particular to have an opinion.

Thanks for dropping by. More soon. ~Lola

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