Three Resources for Learning HTML and CSS

Resources for Learning HTML and CSS

If you’re unfamiliar with HTML, there are three resources for learning that are free and hard to beat. The first is the WW3 School — which is where I learned to code in 1991. It is still a great resource. CodeAcademy is a bit more sophisticated — and it’s a freemium resource. This means that they give you some good stuff for free, but will be marketing more intensive courses.

The WW3 School has information on every “tag” available in HTML. It also has other resources like an HTML color picker. This site teaches Javascript, XML, JSON and other scripting languages and technologies, too.

CodeAcademy’s main advantage is its tight structure and “hand-holding” techniques. If you screw up enough times, it will give you answers. I loved it for the CSS class; for HTML I prefer the WW3 school–this maybe because this is where I learned so many years ago.

A third resource I haven’t worked with much before is Mozilla’s HTML tutorial. It’s not as thorough as WW3, but if you don’t like the “lock-step” method of teaching in CodeAcademy–or you just need some refreshers, tips and tricks, the Mozilla page is certainly a winner. I’ll definitely be using their advanced HTML tips in future tutorials!

More soon! ~Lola

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