Rich Pins for Blogs: Getting Started

Pinterest rich pins are said to be another secret to getting the Pinterest love so many people are raving about.  They make the process sound so simple.  Well, actually, it is.  We have to have a Business Plan and the Yoast SEO plug-in.  (See important update below, though.) Oh, you’ll need a pinterest account and an URL from your blog to create into a rich pin to get the process of “validation” started.

What is a Rich Pin?

Rich pins are pins with embedded metadata on them, so that what’s pinned is more than just a picture.  There are currently four kinds: product pins, recipe pins, article pins and app pins.  

Before you start:

Get a business account for your blog on Pinterest.  Yes, go ahead and get a separate email at Yahoo or Outlook or Gmail for it.

Pinterest’s editors are going to be looking at your blog to see if it’s legit.  It will be an easier call to make with a brand new account that is explicitly devoted to business.   Having an actual business account will likely help, later on, when you want Pinterest to validate your account for “rich pins.”  Yes, rich pins are the cool kids club and you have to apply to get in.   Make an account, set up some boards and start pinning so that you look cool.  (Yes, it’s kind of high school but at least there is quality control that you don’t get on, say, Google).

Pro-Tip:  Set up a reasonable number of boards so that you can get lots of pins on them.  If you just a single person business, you’re probably going to be looking at around 4 or 5 boards.  Fewer boards with more pins is better than many boards and fewer pins, or so the research says.

Claim Your Blog (or Website)

To create and use rich pins, we have to go behind the curtain to the  “Text” editor in the “black WP Admin” dashboard.  We have to  put in some HTML code into the document, then validate that document with Pinterest and “apply” for a rich pin from Pinterest.   This is likely one of the ways that Pinterest filters out at least some rich pins that are not up to their standards.  This means that people on “free” blogs are out of luck (as far as I can tell) on creating rich pins, as we have to be able to manipulate the HTML tags.  Premium accounts can’t use plug-ins like Yoast.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:   One Premium User  @kiracanadiangirl reports that she was able to get Rich Pins, but that she could not validate her account.   She just put in an URL and got it validated. How did this happen?  My theory is that since Pinterest uses human editors, she caught a break.  

Step 1: Choose one of your URLs to validate

Make it something you’re proud of.  An actual human being is going to look at it and make a judgement.  Make their job easy.  It’s going to represent your whole site.

Step 2:  Go to the website and request validation.

Validating Your Rich Pin is a simple insert URL and click submit.

Go to this link:

Put in your URL.   Submit.  Done.

Step 3: Wait.

And that’s where I’m at.  I’m waiting.   Pinterest uses humans to take a look at pins, so we’re sitting in the pin validation line, waiting and waiting.

Here’s a nice site about rich pins if you want more. 


Picture of a sullen looking corporate devil
Waiting on the Pinterest Engineer. In Pinterest Purgatory. With the Pinterest Daemons.


More soon. 🙂   And thanks to the Happiness Engineer for verifying that we cannot use rich pins on anything but a Business plan or self-hosted blog. :* Although some people have said that’s just not so — Premium Accounts CAN get pins validated, but they cannot claim their site, according to reports.

Will Rich Pins Matter?  Dunno. We’ll find out. 😀



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    1. Ahhh, so it IS POSSIBLE. There is no documentation on this! The Happiness Engineer was sure it wouldn’t work! I will update the post!

  1. So far, the best thing about the Business Plan is being able to use Yoast SEO. I think bloggers will get great benefit even if its just the free version of Yoast. It improves my writing especially when I’m tired — and helps me to push the “publish” button with some confidence.

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