Fun With Stats! A conversation with a Happiness Engineer and Why You have More Views than You Think

I am trained in computer science (albeit from oh, thirty freaking years ago) as well as in anthropology. I love data. I mean, LOVE it. As a student of human nature and a long-time participant-observer in online communities, the statistical pictures of how many people read my blog is more than just driven by ego, or the need to make serious coin. It’s driven by my need to understand and delight in human behavior online–the good behavior. (There’s enough bad, but we won’t go there). And I love puzzles. So it was really making me laugh when I began to fully appreciate how ridiculous my WordPress.Com stats are.

Look at this, dear readers:

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 9.00.58 PM

THREE VISITORS.  Seven VIEWS.  And….. TWELVE LIKES?  WTF?   But its been like this for weeks.  Now that I’ve gotten a Google Analytics ID to go with my bright, shiny Business Plan, understanding what the stats really reveal is now a serious part of my hobby/business slash side-gig/side-hustle.

This is how I came to have this long chat with a Happiness Engineer about Stats.

A Happiness Engineer is a guy/gal who works the help chat-line at WordPress. I’ve had great success working with these folks for many years.   They’re elite bloggers, geeks and nerds deluxe with enough technical understanding to run the help desk, but not necessarily going to be able to answer all technical questions.  Still, they are very good–and the key reason I gave up the self-hosted blog nonsense and returned to’s fold–great service.

Here’s how it went!

Scene 1

Scene 2.png

Scene 3

Scene 4.png

Scene 5.png

Scene 6.png

Scene 7.png

Scene 8

Scene 9

AND so there you have it. In a nutshell: Anyone reading our blogs using the Reader isn’t being counted. UNLESS THEY LIKE A POST!

But the heck of it is, we small bloggers get MAJOR EXPOSURE and help getting noticed, because of the Reader and’s services in recommending us to our fellow bloggers in this community.

So, go ahead and read my blog through the Reader. So what if I can’t track the living daylights out of you! That’s FINE!  Just keep reading and please LIKE my posts so that I can SEE you!  And follow me! That’s awesome!  You’re the best group of readers I’ve ever had. THANK YOU.


And thank you, Happiness Engineer!  I hope we get that enhancement!

And also thanks to RobinHiggins from Pixabay!  No this isn’t Lola.  (But fairly close to Lola 25 years ago).

More tomorrow!  Ciao!  ~ Lola

Author: Lola

Recovering academic, real-life, honest to cornflakes anthropologist (Ph.D. and fieldwork and everything), tech-head and social media researcher.

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