Going all Business with WordPress

Wordpress.com.pngI don’t know why I did it.  It seems foolish extravagance.  Was it the sale on the business plan?  But, no, I looked at the business plan, yet again, because I want to learn more about Google Analytics and other commercialization type things. Whatever it was, I bit the bullet and signed up for a WordPress.com business plan, upgrading from premium.

The first immediate change I can detect is this little box: SEO Description.  I have no idea what to put in it!  Well yes, I do actually.  I did write a three-part series on SEO for beginners.  But that was theory, this is practice!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.56.31 PM

This is, I would suppose, the place to stuff all those keywords, or something. In any case, I’ve blown 200 bucks on a year-long business plan. Now, like Tim Gunn says, I have got to “make it work.” 🙂

The WordPress.com business plan is a newish thing.  It had just started last year ago, if I recall correctly, around the time I started a self-hosted blog that failed due to my own inexperience with the New Blogging.  I recall the choice between self-hosted and this New! Business Plan! I wasn’t sure about something new.

Self-hosting seemed to be much cheaper. Everyone seemed to be hyping it. (Bluehost was paying everyone to hype it, heh.) Alas, you get what you pay for.

What I’m Expecting for My Money

I expect this to have better support than a self-hosted site.  All the already-done-for-ya integrations and installations are a blessing.  I’m looking forward to test-driving Google Analytics myself, and working with other plug-ins. I expect reasonably good cyber-security.   I’ve already noted that WordPress.com is doing well by referring readers to my blog; it’s so far as I can tell, the best source for getting new readers and followers. I’m glad not to be losing that advantage.   I also plan to use this experience to expand my understanding of SEO and content marketing, so I can provide better insights to my small-but-growing followership of aspiring bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business people.  Having lived the headache of riding herd over a self-hosted, commercial site, I’m hoping this attempt goes more smoothly.

What I’ve Learned So Far

Google Analytics is just as overwhelming as I thought it would be.  I’m going to need books. Probably several.   When I wrote the post questioning whether or not a blogger really needs Google analytics, I was right on the money. Until one gets really significant traffic, one’s time is better spent creating content.

Still, I love learning new things and new technology. Statistics don’t scare me. I’m up for the challenge.  This is all an experiment!  I’m currently sitting at a cool 52 followers (which amazes me as the blog is barely 45 days old).  Will this shift to a fancier plan — and addition of the SEO Description box–mean more hits, more follows?   We shall see!

In any case, follow along with me and we’ll find out more about those scary, expensive next-steps in blogging.  I will endeavor to keep my posts honest and tell it like it is.

Thanks for reading and I hope you follow! (We all could use the personal support).  ~ Lola















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