Testing out Wix

My West Coast friend raved about Wix, the up and coming competitor to WordPress.com and Blogger.  It was fun, it was easy, it was great.  Even the free blogs look awesome. Feeling like I might be missing out, I bopped on over and made an account. Ooooh.  Whiz bang. And so different from WordPress!  And I could put Google Analytics on it and learn how that worked!  Wow.

I have had the worst. day.  Trying to set up a Wix site when you have WordPress experience is like learning yoga at fifty.  It’s culture shock. It’s paaaaainful. Oh, it starts out lovely and fun, interesting and bright.  Terrific designs.  But it is horribly unfriendly to those of us used to being able to try out THIS template, then THAT template. Rearrange stuff.  No.  Once you’ve chosen a template, that’s that.  The templates are all pretty, but they all have a sameness about them.   They are NOT easily customizable.  God knows I tried.

I ended up working with a blank template. I didn’t like what I created. It was ugly.  It was very ugly. The post itself was encapulated in an ugly grey box. The text, too, was grey. I couldn’t change the color.  It didn’t let me use <h2> headings without putting in the HTML code by hand.  It was contrary and awkward in many ways.  I made the mistake of buying and upgrading the account and then trying to change the template.   One cannot do that without major hiccups.  In order to change temples, you have to create an ENTIRELY NEW SITE, then reassign your domain name to that new site.  I could not figure out how to do that without manually hand-jamming the content I’d created for my first test material into the new site.  It was…a nightmare.

Cost Comparison seemed Good BUT. . .

The cost for a premium account is $5 a month–but the domain name is extra, the privacy protection is extra, and when you added it all up, it was maybe ten bucks cheaper than WordPress.com’s premium account.  What interested me was that their full business account was $14/month — which made the $28 a month at WordPress seem like highway robbery.  I thought maybe I could do a real split test!  Put my blog on both Wix and WordPress and “race” them.  Hey, and I could learn Google Analytics and see if that really makes a difference in traffic!  I could try out their cool looking apps and their SEO helps and all that jazz.   But it’s all a big dud if you can’t get a proper blog template to work with.

There is something cool going on there at Wix, but in setting up the site,  I began to have deja vu about my old self-hosted site that was such a waste of money.  There are a great many add-ons, with add-ons costs.  And if it’s this difficult to create and develop simple blog designs,  this doesn’t bode well for the rest of it.  I’ll probably try to do a split test later on, but for now, I can’t recommend Wix.

If you’re a Wixaholic, like my friend, peace be upon you.  I’ll continue to try to puzzle it out because I do want to see if Google Analytics makes a difference but gads, their templates are rigid, their help files are weak, and on the whole, I felt I totally wasted my Sunday.





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